Exercises For Controlling Diabetes

When the body's ability to produce the hormone insulin is impaired, then the body begins to absorb abnormal carbohydrate. This becomes a major problem to the human body which will result to diabetes. There are numerous ways to control diabetes,  Using drugs prescribed by your doctor, natural remedies and exercise. This article will explain ways diabetes can be controlled by various exercises.

Super 4 exercises for controlling type 1 and 2 diabetes.


This is one of the most consistent anaerobic exercise a diabetic patient can engage in. Swimming doesn't strain your joints like other exercises. Moving in and off the water is good for your heart. This exercise help you burn calories and lower cholesterol. Please always ensure to notify the guards around before you engage in this exercise.


This exercise is as easy as getting up anytime of the day and taking a stroll around the neighbourhood for about 30-40 minutes. This is very effective for the body and also helps in reducing blood sugar in both type 1 and 2 diabetes. 


Not many people knows how to ride a bicycle well, the good news is that you can hit the gym and use a stationary bike. This is recommended for both old and young diabetic patients. 


Just moving your body and doing it while listening to your favourite song is a great way to lower blood sugar in your body. This is a better form of exercises for everyone because unlike trying to catch your breath, you will always want to learn new moves.

These are my pick for super 4 exercises for controlling Diabetes. There are other great exercises out there that you can engage yourself in. But the above exercises do not require much to stay healthy in your daily lifes. 

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