The risk of developing cardiovascular disease can be greatly reduced if you eat certain types of food. We all know the heart is one of the most important organ in the human body. And when we fail to keep the heart healthy, it will lead to cardiovascular disease. This article will list 9 (nine) heart-healthy foods to include into your diet.

Cardiovascular disease may lead to heart attack, chest pain and stroke. However, this may not be the case if your diet is healthy. Natural foods are always good for the heart and this is one fact most people neglect. Eating foods like vegetables, fruits, sea foods (fish, crab, crayfish, prawn etc) and whole grains will always improve your health and help you stay healthy from cardiovascular diseases.

For you to always stay heart-healthy, we have listed 9 everyday foods that are good for your heart.

  1. Oatmeal: this meal is a wonderful nutritional food for the human body and can be taken anytime of the day.
  2. Berries: This fruit has shown to be a very good source for soluble fiber and nutrient for the heart. You can try blueberries, strawberries and raspberries either eaten fresh as fruits or in cereal.
  3. Fish: This sea food is a great source of omega-3s which is good for your heart. The likes of trout, salmon, mackerel and herrings are really high in omega-3s.
  4. Vegetables: veggies are no doubt a wonderful source of fibre and other nutrients that keeps the heart healthy. Vegetables like carrot, red pepper, greens (spinach, kale etc) are really good for the human body. Vegetables are also a great source of vitamins to help your heart stay healthy.
  5. Fruits: Many health professionals will recommend fruits like oranges, pawpaw and cantaloupes as part of your diet. This is because they contain rich amount of magnesium, potassium, fiber and beta-carotene. These nutrients are great for the heart to stay healthy.
  6. Flaxseed: This seed contains omega-3 faty acid, pytoestogenes and fiber which helps to improve  the heart. 
  7. Red wine: this has proven to help improve good cholesterol level in your body and it's a great way to improve the health of your heart.
  8. Nuts: a handful of nuts such as walnuts or almond are rich in good fat, vitamins and minerals to help improve your heart.
  9. Chocolate: Dark chocolates with over 60% of cocoa are really good to keep your heart healthy.