One of the best ways of reducing belly fat and achieving the flat stomach dream is through low calorie diets. Over time people suffering from bloated belly feels more comfortable when they engage in healthy, low calorie diets and exercise. Reducing belly fat can not be achieved over night as some people find it very difficult to cope with exercises and other processes involved. To help you achieve your flat stomach dream, We have uncovered 10 BEST foods to include in your daily meal that has proven to be very effective in reducing belly fat or bloated belly conveniently, without going through the extreme exercises.

Top 10 Best foods that reduces belly fat


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This is one of richest fruits in minerals and vitamins which is very useful in reducing belly fat. More interesting fact about this fruit is that it is heart-healthy. Avacado seed which is high in fiber can be a key nutrient in your diet and serve as a probiotic agent.


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Very rich in potassium and magnesium, this fruit is a great deal in reducing belly fat and can be eating anytime whether as a meal or with a meal.
Bananas can also promote healthy probiotics (good bacteria) in the human body.


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Apart from the rich flavour and aroma derived from onions, garlic, leeks, scallions and shallots in our meals, they also provide great source of prebiotic fiber which can help nourish the growth of good bacteria in the intestine.


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One of the best kind of protein for your belly which improves the rate at which you attain your perfect flat stomach goal. Sea foods like fish, crabs, prawn are rich in omega-3 fatty acid and calcium which are incredibly important for your bones, heart and muscles.

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Hard to believe but eggs have proved to lead the low cholesterol and high protein foods. With its rich source of vitamins, selenium and minerals, Eggs are really good for your overall growth. Eggs can be added to your breakfast foods as boiled or fried.

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There are so many types of beans and they all contain good nutrient to help reduce belly fat. Although the most enriched type of bean seeds are the "peas". They contain rich fiber, plant proteins, vitamins and minerals to enrich the body and help reduce belly fat.

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These are good protein and mineral source which doesn't contain cholesterol fat. Nuts also contains important nutrients that helps the immune system fight diseases in the body.

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This fruit is one of the most common source of vital vitamins and minerals. Tomatoes can be used for salads, stew and eaten raw.

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Leafy greens contain plant based omega-3s. Leafy greens contain good fiber and minerals which can help reduce bloating and excess sodium in the body.

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This delicious food contains carotenoids, i.e plant base antioxidants which helps level blood sugar. This nutrient helps prevent calories in body from turning into belly fat. Sweet potatoes can be prepared by roasting, boiling or frying.