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Why do people look old when they are still young at age? I am 26 years old but i have a friend who looks older than me but she is just 20.

I always tell people that your age doesn't reflect your skin or how you should look. My friend keeps asking what solution she could adopt to look younger. Very simple I would say, just follow these simple tips and within a short period of time you will look 16 again.

You need to know that your body will always react to what you offer it, either in defence or acceptance. This is just a simple law of nature. To look younger, you must always understand what your body wants and what it doesn't go along with. In simple terms, your body doesn't like stress. Yeah, stress is the number one enemy to the body.



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Many people give excuses that they only sleep to relax their body. Well, thats true but not enough for the body. Relaxing the body is very important for your health and also makes you look younger. According to Oxford dictionary relaxing helps you become less tensed or anxious. A perfect way to achieve this is with nature. Get a really quiet environment where you can be close to natural appearances. Another way to relax is by listening to music.


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I don't see any reason why fruits shouldn't be included in your everyday meal. To look younger, you need good choices of fruit. A good fruit to eat and really enjoy it's wonders on your skin is apple. I did a personal experiment on this beautiful fruit and was shocked. Kept it in room temperature for over 3 months and it didn't get spoilt or rotten. All it did was just ripe to a yellowish colour. Another great fruit you can eat is cucumber. This fruit contains numerous vitamins and minerals to nourish your skin and keep your body young. The good news is that you can plant it right in your garden. Cornell university will give you more information about how to plant this fruit. Other fruits that offers great potentials to your body are bananas, berries, pear (Avacado) etc.


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Just like fruits, Veggies are really good for body and helps your immune system fight against skin diseases. This is the secret to people who look younger. Eating vegetables also helps your body build its fiber contents. Vegetables like leafy greens helps lowers blood sugar.


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According to research, it is healthier to smile. Smiling improves your overall mood, lowers blood sugar, relieves stress and promotes better relationship with others. The most interesting fact about smiling is that it is associated with increased lifespan this is according to a research by wayne state university. So, we live longer when we smile and have positive emotions. Talk about looking younger, then you need to smile.


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This tip might be old but works all the time. Whether its working out in a gym, walking or judging, exercises keeps your body in good shape which gives you new looks. It also helps you stay safe from high blood pressure and stroke. You obviously will look younger when you burn calories that accumulates in the body.


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Your skin is what sparks out your looks. And staying moisturized is one way to keep it healthy and young. Applying the right amount everytime will always keep your skin smooth and soft. Skin moisturizers differ with the kind of skin texture and weather condition of a place. Just keep your skin healthy and hydrated with moisturizers to look younger.

Well, it's not your age that needs to be young but you. Get to know how your body works and always remember to smile while doing that. Make up sometime to care for your skin, exercises, relax, stay hydrated and don't stop eating fruits and vegetables. That's all you need to look younger.