Smelly Feet can be very uncomfortable especially when you are in public, or with friends. Many people love to feel free by removing their feet from shoes when relaxing but as soon as you remove your feet, the odor takes over the entire space. Feet odor or smelly feet is a common condition for people who wear shoes. This condition is mainly caused by bacteria from the skin. When you put on a shoe that has poor airflow or ventilation, you begin to sweat in it. The sweat sticks inside the shoe and bacteria that lives on the skin feed from the sweat. This produces an acid known as isovaleric acid which causes the feet smell. Many disease can be caused by smelly feet. One of the most common disease known to us is the athlete's foot. This condition is a skin infection caused by fungus virus.

This article will guild you to natural ways you can cure smelly feet.

Apply Lemon Juice


An incredible substance for treating body odor, lemon juice is very effective in curing feet smell. The acidity content of lemon juice has proven to help lower the pH level of the skin. This is very effective when treating feet odor and it can be applied directly to your skin. If your skin is too sensitive, then you have to mix it with warm water to achieve better result. Apply the lemon directly to the foot and wait for about 10 mins before washing off. This process should be repeated daily until the result is achieved. Shouldn't take too long if you stick to the process.

Tree tea oil

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With its anti-fungal agent, applying tree tea oil to your feet will effectively reduce feet smell. Tree tea oil is also effective in treating athlete's foot and other fungi related infections.

Salt water therapy

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This is another way to keep your feet clean and free from infections. Salt water therapy can be applied when cleaning your feet. This can be done by adding salt to warm water and deeping your feet into it. This therapy has been helpful when treating athlete's foot.

Keeping nails short and clean

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The nails at your feet carries various types of bacteria and fungi which are dangerous when kept unclean. Many people spend less time cleaning their foot nails and keeping them short. This is very bad and can lead to smelly foot.

Tea Bag remedy

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One of the easiest and most efficient ways of reducing shoe smell is by applying "Tea Bags" to the shoe. It sounds odd, but works well. A simple way to apply tea bags is that you only need to fix it inside the shoe. This can take a while but when done continuously for days it will certainly have a positive impact.

Wash shoes and feet with antifungal soaps

Always endeavour to keep your feet and shoes clean especially from bacteria and fungal disease. This can be best achieved by washing both feet with antifungal soaps. It is also very important to wash your shoes with antifungal detergents and soaps.

Wear socks with natural fabric

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Ensure you always use socks before wearing the your shoes. This will help prevent too much sweats and direct contact with the shoes.

Avoid sharing shoes or socks

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Avoid using other people's shoes and socks. Many people love to share these sensitive items especially pals or brothers. Well, this is wrong especially if you notice that the person sweats a lot on his or her feet. Ensure that the person uses socks with natural fabric or fabric that drys swear quickly.

Vinegar Therapy

Smelly feet is mainly caused by bacteria from the skin and vinegar therapy has proven to be very effective is curing smelly feet condition. All you need to do soak your feet in vinegar. The preparation is simple. Just add vinegar to a bowl of water where you can put your feet into. Mix properly and soak your feet in the mixture. This should be done daily and should take over 20mins for effective outcome.

Applying corn powder

Corn powder can be applied to your shoes before you wear them. This is very simple and effective as it helps to keep your shoe and feet dried. This will definitely reduce the level of bacteria attracted by sweaty feet and shoes.