How to Reduce Belly fat

The accumulation of fat in your abdominal region - beneath your stomach muscles is known as belly (or visceral) fat. Visceral fat is the most dangerous of the three fat types in the human body. People with belly fat are prone to cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer.

Belly fat are in different categories. 
Contrary to popular notion, not every person with belly fat actually look plumpy and not all bulging stomach is a belly fat. The simple household method of knowing if your bulging stomach is a belly fat is to take a measuring tape and measure the circumference around your bare waist, the region above your hip bone.

You're considered obese if you get anything above 40 inches (for men) or 35 inches for women.

Belly fat can prove stubborn to deal with if you don't know how to go about it. Many have tried to force it using unhealthy means that only resulted in further health complications.
The good news is, you could lose your belly fat in real time if you apply the science proven methods outlined below. These are simple techniques that everyone can use. 


Chances are that you won't start losing your belly fat if you don't make it a goal.
Your belly fat is still there because of something you are doing or not doing. Nothing would change unless you decide to change it.
Make a succinct promise to yourself to apply the tips you would be learning to your daily routine till you achieve your desired result.
A made up mind is half the job here.


Start with your next breakfast. 
Taking protein rich breakfasts would reduce your hunger level and increase your body's metabolism rate.
Studies have shown that those who take regular protein rich food stand an almost zero risk of obesity.
And because protein reduces your hunger level, it help you shake off the urge of having that fatty roll at work  for brunch.


Sugar contains so much fructose. The liver can only metabolise a fraction of this. The remaining fructose usually gets converted into fat. Reduce your intake of sugary beverages. There are loads of healthy beverages you can use in place of sugary drinks. Green tea is one of such.


Green tea is your healthy companion as you walk your way to fitness. It is largely composed of poly phenols and catechins which are a great source of antioxidants that reduces the chance of visceral fat accumulating in your body.
Green tea also boosts your brain performance.


Studies have shown that alcohol can increase the size of your waist. 
Try as much as you can to reduce your daily or weekly alcohol consumption.


It doesn't have to be something complex. You can start a daily 20-30 minutes walk or go jogging in the early hours of the day or even bicycle riding.
Daily exercises are effective ways to make a habit of burning calories.


In order to reduce your belly fat you would need to reduce your overall body fat. This is what weight lifting or any other form of resistance exercise does. If you can, enrol in a resistance training course. This would make you more committed than doing it all by yourself.


Okay we're talking exercises but there are some that should not be on your list if your aim is to lose belly fat.  Crunches for example.
Doing crunches only strengthen your stomach  muscles and has no effect on your belly fat. Its a complete waste of time doing crunches to burn fat.


Quality as well as the quantity of sleep counts. People hardly get enough night rest these days. This is highly detrimental.  Give yourself an adequate 7-8 hours sleep daily. You might not see how this helps reduce your belly fat but it does!


Losing your belly fat is a gradual process. If you don't know how to self motivate, you would give up in the process. Keep your eyes focused on your future self, free of belly fat.
Tell yourself every morning that you're on your way to having the fit body you desire.

Don't stop! Don't give up! You're on a  journey and getting in shape is your only destination.