Our skin acts like a shelter to our body system and this is one major reason it has to be smooth, glowing and healthy. Many factors may cause our skin to react negatively which will always make us feel uncomfortable. To help you keep a glowing skin, we have listed 10 natural home remedies.

1. Use of Honey

Remedies for smooth skin

Honey, when used internally or externally is very good for the skin. Applying honey to your skin is one of the most effective ways to maintain a smooth and glowing skin. If your skin is the dry type, take one teaspoon and massage it on your body daily, leave it on your skin for about 10 minutes, then wash it off. Pat it on your skin and you will see that your skin is not only soft but also glowing. Make sure you use original honey both internally and externally, original honey is easily accessible everywhere these days. Honey can also be used as an exfoliating agent to scrub off dead skin cells when you apply 1 tablespoon of honey with 2 teaspoons of rock salt.

2. Application of Almond

Remedies for smooth skin

Either you use pure Almond oil or Almond paste, the both of them are very good sources of Vitamin E, which provides nourishment for your body and help keep your skin glowing externally. If you have have a dehydrated or dry skin, you should first massage your face with one teaspoon of Almond oil and then prepare a paste of 10 Almonds mixed with a little amount of milk and scrub it gently on your skin. After that, washing the face with milk and rinse it with warm water. This will help your patchy skin and also give your skin a youthful glowing texture.

3. Use of Papaya

Remedies for smooth skin

When I found out about this fruit, I was wowed at the goodness of this amazing fruit and I have used it alot of times on my skin for different types of treatment, and each time I try it, it gives me the best result for a glowing skin. Get some papaya, mash it and massage it on your skin for 5 minutes. Wash your skin with milk, then rinse with water and see how clear and soft your skin feels in just minutes. The presence of Vitamin A and papain enzyme in Papaya makes it possible for it to nourish the skin. It also helps in removing dead skin cells and inactive proteins, thereby rejuvenating your skin.

4. Start Drinking Green Tea

Remedies for smooth skin

Most people know that green tea contain antioxidants, but little did they know that when you drink green tea twice a day for 6 months can actually reverse skin damage on your skin. Green tea is highly concentrated in antioxidant and Catechin that is well known for its anti-aging effect. It shields your skin from ultraviolet radiations thereby helping to prevent the growth of age spots and moles. 

5. Eat Red Meat

Remedies for smooth skin

Red meat gets alot of critics because it is loaded with hormones, bad for the heart and fatty. They are most likely all true but if you want to have a youthful glowing skin, you better start eating some red meat.
When you take red meat in moderation, it is actually good for the skin because it is highly concentrated in zinc and protein. Research carried out has also proven it to be a better acne treatment than antibiotics. The protein in meat has been found to have a high concentration of the amino acids our body needs to produce collagen. While the zinc in red meat also produce collagen and has anti-inflammatory properties. 

6. Drink Lots of Water

Hydration is very essential to your skin looking it's best. Make sure you take plenty of water every day, you can drink about a liter of water everyday at an average. From now on, skip the coke and pick H2O. Your future self will be very thankful. 

7. Avoid Skin Irritants 

Remedies for smooth skin

It is natural for the skin to be more sensitive at any given time, so you may have to stop using things that are regularly fine. You should also try to change your normal laundry detergent to the one that is made for sensitive skin if your skin is irritated by your clothes. 

8. Use Coconut Oil

Remedies for smooth skin

Application of coconut oil once a day on your skin is enough to keep your skin glowing, soft and supple. To see visible results, apply it and massage gently for 30 minutes before you have your bath daily. You can also warm it a little bit for better absorption by your skin pores. Lauric acid (an antimicrobial agent) is present in coconut oil which helps the oil to act as a thorough cleansing and makeup removal agent.

9. Try Dark Chocolate 

Remedies for smooth skin

To also keep your skin younger, use dark chocolate which is free from sugar. Cocoa is rich in antioxidant which is a natutal anti-aging agent. The presence of flavnoids and antioxidants safeguards your skin from damages while retaining its elasticity and suppleness. 

10. Use Milk On Your Skin

Remedies for smooth skin
To be honest with you, I personally love this great ingredient. It nourishes and softens the skin and also helps in de-tanning and makes it sensous. One of the knowhow moisturizer for your skin is milk. Pour a little amount of cold milk on your skin and pat dry or just wipe your skin with full fat milk twice a day for maximum result. To those who have a dry skin, this is a very great home remedy for you. 


  1. Some of your tips are helpful for me. Thanks. but the most easy way to get glowing skin is veg pea protein powder.


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