Healthy Nails
One of the most neglected aspects of a good personal hygiene is the care of healthy nails. Most people who maintain a good level of hygiene in other areas like hair and skincare sometimes forget to keep their nails healthy and clean. Even on the web, while there so much information regarding oral hygiene, skin care and so on there is little information out there on how to keep your nails healthy and that can be frustrating. If you are a part of the few who are concerned about the health of your nails, you are in the right place because here are 15 different ways to keep your nails healthy.

1. Good Trimming

One of the fundamentals of nail care is to trim your nails often. We are constantly using our hands and hence uncomfortably long nails will be most likely break and make your nails look unkempt. To keep your nails healthy, you should trim your nails often to a level where you can function comfortably.

2. Filing Your Nails:

Second only to getting your nails frequently trimmed is the need to file your nails often. Filling gives your nails that good shape that you admire in other people's nails. Make sure you file your nails only in one direction as this guarantees a more desired result.

3. Moisturizing Nails:

Our bodies are made up of over 70% water as such, in cases of extreme dryness like in winter or very hot climate, we often moisturize our skins. Sadly, very few of us remember to moisturize our nails. Moisturizing your nails is the key to beautiful and healthy nails. So keep those nails moisturized.

4. Cuticle Care:

Most times in an effort to make our nails beautiful, we remove the cuticles. However, dermatologists are saying that we shouldn't remove the cuticle. Cutting the cuticle is the primary cause of leg infections. Instead of cutting them off, use palm oil or coconut oil to clean the cuticles. That way you will have a clean and healthy cuticle.

5. Warm Water Care:

Before you trim or file your nails, it is advisable to have a warm water nail bath. The warm water care helps in softening hardened nails and makes it easier for the nails to be trimmed or filed to the desired shape and length. To achieve a more desired result, You can add a pinch of table salt to your warm water care as this has been found to be extremely helpful in wading off bacteria which will keep your nails healthy.

6. Avoid Extensions

Nail extensions have been shown to cause bacterial and fungal nails. This is a situation where your nails blacken. So if you want to maintain healthy nails, avoid extension or replace them with nail tips to minimize damage in the case of infection.

7. Nail Polish/Paint

Polishing or painting your nails is another great way to keep them in perfect health. Nail polish and nail paint prevents the nails from becoming too brittle and turning unpleasantly pale.

8. Be Wary About Manicures/Pedicures

Although a manicure is also one of the ways to care for your nails, getting a manicure/pedicure often leads to the reddening of the skin around the cuticle area and even worse, infections. Thus, one should be wary of manicures/pedicures if he/she wishes to keep healthy nails.

9. Routine Nail Monitoring:

There is almost no way you can maintain healthy nails without continuous routine monitoring of the progress of your nails. Inspection could reveal early signs of fungal nails and other unpleasant conditions that can be prevented from further degeneration.

10. Choose Nail polish Removers Carefully

Your nail polish/paint remover can also affect the quality of your nails. It is widely believed that 'Acetone', a substance present in some nail paint removers can also damage nails and cause chipping which could affect the health of your nails.

11. Nail Hardeners

Nail hardeners are used to make soft and brittle nails less but recent studies have shown that the consistent use of nail hardeners make the nails even more brittle when their use is interrupted. You will not want your nails addicted to hardeners.. Would you?

12. Supplements

Research has shown that taking as little as 2.5mg of biotin supplements help improve the nail health, strength and texture. Also, iron supplementation improves the color of the nails. So, supplementing these micronutrients for a short period of time will produced visibly enviable results

13. Avoid Detergents

Chemicals in detergents have strong damaging effects on your nails. There is a need to minimize contact with detergents if you intend to keep healthy nails. However since it is almost impossible to avoid contacts with cleaning agents, the use of hand friendly soaps is strongly advised.

14. Use Specialized Creams:

Specialized hands and nail creams are specifically marketed to reduce the damaging effect of detergents and other cleaning agents on the nails. Daily use of these specialized hand and nail cream will revitalize your nails and leave it with that spectacular gloss.

15. Care for the Hands and Foot:

Lastly, your nails are a part of your hands and feet and no matter how healthy they are, if the hand or the foot isn't healthy, your nails will still not get the attention you want. Therefore, it is very important to care for your hands and feet by keeping them warm in cold season to avoid blisters and choosing comfortable foot wears for your legs.

So there you have it, the fifteen ways you can quickly make your nails healthier and beautiful. If you adhere to these simple natural ways, you will be inundated by praises on how your nails look.

Tell us what ways you find to work the magic for you and about your
nail care procedures in the comment section below.