Venomous snake bites can be very dangerous to your health. If you suspect a venomous snake bite, it is very important to get medical care without delay. But other factors may limit your access to medical care. These factor may include:
  • Distance to health care facility
  • Lack of access to transportation
  • Cultural believes 

So what do you do when you have a Venomous snake bite?

Quick First Aid is very important to the survival of the patient. Many people die as a result of delay.

Laying snake bite patients flat on their back may lead to their upper airways obstructed by either vomit or paralysis of the muscles around the tongue. This should be avoided by all means necessary as snake bite patients should always lay on their left side (this is the recovery position) to avoid obstruction in their airways.

Always be ready to resuscitate victims as venomous snake bites may lead to loss of breath.

It is also important to remove anything tight from around the bitten part of the body to avoid swell which may cause more harm to the snake bite victim.

Reassure the victim to remain calm and ensure that the snake bite victim is immobilized by splinting the limb to keep it still.

Avoid using anything to tie around the wonded area. 

Traditional methods may be applied only when proven to be effective. The use of black stones or other traditional methods are not a medically proven to treat venomous snake bite. 

Pain relieve medicines may be given to patients in some cases.

Transporting the victim to a health care facility without delay where the person will receive proper treatment is a better option for all snake bite cases.