Stammering Meaning

Stammering or stuttering is a speech disorder in which the flow of speech is broken in its rhythm and pace. This may lead to the repetition of words or prolongation in speeches. With a strong effort to speak, body and unusual facial movements may be noticed.

Stammering can affect all age groups although it is mostly common with children. A leading cause of this disorder is anxiety or nervousness in children.

What Causes Stammering?

Causes of Stammering can be linked to three (3) main factors. These includes genetics, child development and neurological disorders.


Stammering can also be based on genetics. A stammer in the family is more likely to pass the gene to his/her children or great grand children. See also First genes found for stammering as Dr Dennies D. Reveals the three related genes that may trigger stammering.

Child Development

Before a child starts speaking, the brain must have developed many different neural circuits, which must be able to interact in very accurate and fast ways. These changes can be stopped or starts developing in different ways which will result to stuttering. A research statement by Anne Smith in 2008 generates a huge question of how we perceive the cure for stammering.

Neurological Disorders 

The root of Stammering can be traced to neurological conditions which is based on the wiring of the human brain. According to research, the anatomy of the brain of those who stammer is quite different from those who do not stammer.

According to research by stuttering foundation, over 70 million people live with this disorder and a male child is four times more likely to stammer than a female child. With time, Stammering may reduce in children but there are chances that it may also get worse if not properly managed.

Effective Ways To Help Reduce Stammering

Many ways can be adopted to help reduce stammering, but according to research, the most effect way to reduce stammering is by early intervention in Children. See Dr. Anne Smith research statement in 2008.

Early Detection and Intervention in Children

Stammering becomes apparent in childhood. This is a key symptom of the brain's neural circuits being wired differently. The best way to help that child, is to shape the childs experience. This will positively affect the on going wiring process in the child's developing brain.

Imagine interactions before speaking

This is a great method that can be adopted to improve stammering. According to research, the technique of visualizing and rehearsing speeches ahead of time can help improve your overall speech flow. This technique is one of the key ingredients for public speakers.

Adopt singing as a hobby

It's no doubt that when singing you get to flow with the rhythm. This is a great technique to adopt if you want to improve in your speech flow. Singing can be really helpful to stutters as it has been proven that when you flow with the rhythm you flow with the speech.

The Body Movement Technique

Using hand gestures or walking slowly while talking may improve the flow of your speech. This is as Result of channelling nervous energy. This method is mostly used by people while speaking in public.